Fire Shield Conventional Fire Alarm System Scurity GE

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รายละเอียดประกาศ : Fire Shield Conventional Fire Alarm System Scurity GE

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GE Secuurity
Fire Shiedld Conventional Fire Alarm System SET Fire & Life Safety
The Fire Shield Plus fire alrm fomily consists of 3.5 and 10 zone conventional fire alarm control panels, on inteqrated DACT / Dialer, serial onnunciator modules, and serial remote relay modules. All of these components are microprocessor-controlled.The Fire Shield Plus family is ideal for both new and retrofit installotions olike.
Fire Shield Plus incorporates feotures designed to simplify installation,operation and maintenance. These include front panel programming, one person walk testing,and selectable IDC and NAC types.In addi-tion,when used with the GE 500 series smoke detectors, Fire Shield Plus provides onolog type features such as CleanMe remote main-tenance alert and automatic drift compensation that reduces false alarms and simplifes maintenance calls.
FSP502 and FSP1004 panels support Class A operation by combin-ing pairs of on-board initiating curcuits ( IDCs) or notification circuits ( NACs) to provide the necessary Class A circuits. For example,the?
FSP1004 comes factory set to support 10 Class B IDCs and four NACs. But it can be fied-configured to provide five Class A IDCs, no Class B IDCs, and two Class A NACs-or ony other combination of circuits that fall within the circuit-pairing parameters
? FSP1004 FSP502 FSP302
Class B IDCs Up to 10 Up to 5 3
Class A IDCs Up to 5 Up to 2 Not suppported
Class B NACs Up to 4 Up to 2 2
Class A NACs Up to 2 1 Not supported
NAC Power 3.5 anps 3.5 amps 3.5 amps
Auxiliary Power 0.5 amps 0.5 amps 0.5 amps
Standard Features
  • Availoble in 3, 5, and 10 IDC models
  • IDC or NAC pairs convertible to single Class A circuits (10 and 5 IDC ponels only )
  • CleanMe provides remote annunciation if a detector drifts drifts out of UL limits reducing the chance of a false alarm?
  • Combination Waterflow and Supervisory IDCs reduces wire and zone counts?
  • NACs programmable by zone and individually select
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