SMOKE DETECTORS 711U, 721UT รับประกัน 1ปี

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รายละเอียดประกาศ : SMOKE DETECTORS 711U, 721UT รับประกัน 1ปี

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Photoelectric Models : 711U, 721UT 
lonization Models: 712U 732U
Bases: 701U, 702E, 702U, 702RE, 702RU
UL FM Califomia Stae Fire Marshal Appoved MEA ( New Yourk City )
The ESL photoelectric smoke detector is a side
mounted light-scattering optical senor that provides outstanding stability and excellent response to a wide range of fires.
A pulsed ingared LED light source and a high-speed photodiode sensing element are housed in an omni-drectional sensing chamber which is protected by an insect screen.The chamber is not affecled by ambient ligh . For easy cleaning , the chamber unsnaps and is field-replaceable .
The Model 711UT , 721UT and 741UT photoelectric smoke rate-of-rise heat detectors include fast response algorithms for a quick response to both flaming and smoldering fires. As soon as the heat sensor detects a rapid rise in temperature ,the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor increses.
 The ESL ionization smoke detector is a single source,dual-chamber detector that provides excellent response to both visible and invides excellent response to both visible and invisible combustion particles from all types of fires. The detector is exceptionally stable in all environments, including high altitudes and wind gusts. lt also features an insect screen to protect further against nuisance alarms. 
ESL 700 Series smoke detectors are the industry s first conventional self-diagnostic detectors specifically designed for the demands of commercial and industrial environments. If the detector drifts out of its UL Listed se sitivity range or fails internal diagnostics, the alarm LED flashes once a second to indicate trouble.This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need for external meters.
And, as they get dirty, the 700 Series detectors automatically adijust the alarm threshold through built-in drift compensation.
700 Series ESL Smoke Detectors
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See ESL" s Compatability Index to verify compatibity control.
711U 2-Wire photoelectric smoke detector
711UT 2-Wire photoelelectric smoke detector with heat detector and fast response algorithms
721UT 2-Wire photoelectric smoke detector with rate of rise fast response heat detector with remote test input and remote alarm/ trouble LED output
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